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Just Do It

Just Do It - CPA Zone
CPAs make up not even a percent of the US population (active CPAs are a little above 660,000 compared to US population of 318 million).
There are many people who have started this process and after their first failing score, they quit. Too much studying, no free time, too hard, *insert another excuse here*

This is a small sacrifice for the rest of your life. Once you have passed all these exams - you will NEVER have to take them again.

The quickest way to finish the CPA exam is to JUST DO IT. Just study, just set the time aside, just make this your priority. Because even if you quit, you haven't "finished". It will always loom in your head that you COULD HAVE but DIDN'T.

I have faith in each and every one of you - YOU CAN DO THIS.
The CPA Exam is going to test a lot of you with your patience and your resolve to stay committed. Be encouraged, come up with a game plan and STAY MOTIVATED.

- Rebecca M.
CPA Exam Club member