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Bee's FAR Score Release Reveal

FAR Results Are In: Bee's Score Release Reveal

It has been a week since I walked-out of the Prometric test center and rumor has it that CPA exam score for will be released today for NASBA states and tomorrow for independent states (aka Non-NASBA) states.  I have been cool as a cucumber all week long and all of sudden, I am FREAKING OUT!!!  

I finished my FAR exam  with 57 seconds remaining on the countdown clock. At the time I thought that I did all I can...so there is no point to lingering around.  But now that the reality of my score is about to be released, I am regretting not to utilizing that extra 57 seconds.  It doesn't help when I am reading posts on internet as the folks at some of the NASBA states who get their scores released earlier.  I am reading posts by people who did the same thing as I did, finishing FAR with time to spare, who are now reporting scores of 72~74. 

All week long I've been walking around feeling good about the exam and perhaps getting cocky and now...with the result pending anytime now, I am humbled and I am shaking.  Flashback to the exam and now having doubt on some of the questions I second guessed myself.  This emotion roller coaster goes on for the entire Friday...and needless to say, it was an unproductive day professionally and personally. I think I drank myself to sleep on Friday night as I can't really remember when and how I fell asleep.  Next thing I know, I woke up at 6:00 AM. With my vision blurred I reached for my laptop an begun the repetitive drill again...hit refresh on the Board of Accountancy website to see if the my score was released.

Lo and behold...through my blurred vision, I see these frightful letters "Advisory Score RECEIVED..!!"  Oh my God!!  Oh my God!!  I am freaking out...as I can't see the score digits through my blurred vision.   I dropped my laptop and headed for the sink to wash my face and clear my vision.  While my knees buckle under me I can't stop thinking...what would I do if I didn't pass??  What's the game plan??  Cram immediately and retake the FAR exam on the first available day when the next window opens??  No!!  I can't!!  I CAN'T!!  I cannot go through this FAR exam torture. It was horrendous!! The FAR exam was sooo much harder the the REG exam I passed 6 months ago...I just CAN'T!!


To my surprised eyes, cleaned and glasses on, I saw clearly,  the passing score on the computer this time...once again my knees buckled and I fell on the floor and started to sob like my little girl...Oh my Gosh!!!!  I PASSED!! I PASSED!! I went into the Dragon's lair and Slayed the Dragon!!  WoooHooo!!! I couldn't help it emotionally as tears of bitterness of the last 4 months preparing for FAR and tears of joy just ganged up on me. Now, I will never admit that I had shed tears for a lousy exam...I will say this...the FAR exam I had was the hardest exam I have ever encountered in my life and a HUGE thanks to Cindy, Phil and Gary as well as the rest of the Yeager CPA Review Team.   You guys are "...the Ambassador of Kwan...  and I dig that about you!!" I owe you guys BIG, as I never EVER want to take that FAR exam again!!  E-V-E-R!!

Now that I have a few moments to review my exam, looking at the scoring details type and all of sudden I froze.  I thought I did well on the MCQ section and was just trying to score some partial credit on the SIMs.  At least that was my strategy and I thought it worked as I passed the FAR exam. Well..(sigh).  According to the Scoring Detail 60% of the exam is MCQ and I scored "WEAKER".  Now if you think about it...if my score was weaker on 60% of the exam, that means to overcome the weakness one would have to score exceptionally high in the 40% of the score in order to pass.  Translation: Obtaining some partial credit in the SIM would not have worked for me, to pass. No no!!   To pass I needed to KICK Butt!  Conclusion: Don't give up on the SIM section no matter how bad or how clueless you are after reading the questions.  I didn't give up (but I wanted to) but work out the problem as best as you can as taught by Cindy, Phil and Gary. After the initial shock of reading the Sim problems, I think my subconscious took over. I was merely looking for the "Partial Credit God" to smile on me, but instead, the "Partial Credit God" not only smiled on me, s/he gave me a pat on the back and said "move onto the next section and don't ever come back here again!!"  

I can't tell you what a relief and a confidence builder that was to now pass the 2 of the most difficult sections to me. I can (almost) see the light at the end of the tunnel and am on track to be a CPA later this year. Now I gotta get back and attack the AUD section and dream about getting my life back later this year.