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Exam FAQ: Doubling Up on Same Exam Section

CPA Exam FAQ: Doubling Up on Same Exam Section

Can you sit for the same section of the CPA exam twice in the same period? For example, I take FAR on October 20th, could I take FAR again on December 10th? - April B.

Answer via NASBA: "You may have up to four separate NTS’s – one for each section. However, you are not allowed to have multiple NTS’s for the same section. (UPDATE: this is changing! per the AICPA will go into effect by June 30, 2020) In other words, if you fail any section of the Exam, you may retake that section in a future testing window. You may not repeat any section within the same testing window. (UPDATE: this is changing! per the AICPA will go into effect by June 30, 2020)

You are able to apply for one or more sections of the Exam at a time; however, you are advised to only apply for a section of the Exam if you are ready to take it within the time frame that your NTS is valid."

Advice via CPA Exam Club

Imo, if you were planning on dwelling on FAR over the duration of the quarter, you could just take a couple extra weeks to study and take it in November to better your chances of not having to retake it. Good luck!

- Katrina H.


Thanks. I took it yesterday and I just want some sort of game plan of passing FAR. I know it is the hardest section and I want to get that one over with and move on to AUD.

- April B.


Good game plan. Does your score come out on the 9th? If so, just keep working on your mcq's and journal entries. That way you can reschedule it as quickly as possible, if needed, while the information is still fresh.

- Katrina H.


Great minds think alike. I am already on it. Thank you! :-)

- April B.


After the 2017 changes you might/will be able to

- Six Pack Johnny


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