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Looking for Clues: Did I Pass?

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You have just taken the CPA Exam.  Medium, Hard, Medium?  Medium, Hard, Hard? What does that mean?  Well, most CPA candidates feel the same way.  Drained and done.  But did you pass?  At the end of the day, no one really knows.  Some candidates leave the exam feeling like they crushed it, and then find out they didn’t.  That dreaded 74 appears in the score report.  And others leave feeling like the exam crushed them, but end up seeing a lovely 75 or higher in their score report!!  Whoopie!!!

But again, why?

Going back through the published score releases from the AICPA there is approximately a 50/50 chance that a CPA Candidate will pass any particular section of the CPA Exam.  Obviously there are outliers who don’t need to study to pass, and then there are the rest that really need to work hard at passing.   What is difficult to one candidate may be easy for another.  Remember, we are all different and the CPA Exam is adaptive.  Adaptive means that, as you move through the multiple choice questions, you will encounter more mcq on topics you have shown to be weaker in, and fewer in the areas you appear stronger in.    The AICPA really wants to ensure that you know the material, and are not guessing.  

How do they know? 

Well the team of psychometrcians at the AICPA are charged with achieving this ( Merriam-Webster definition of a psychometrician is:

1: a person (as a clinical psychologist) who is skilled in the administration and interpretation of objective psychological tests

2: a psychologist who devises, constructs, and standardizes psychometric tests )

These are the individuals are behind the Medium, Hard, Medium and Medium, Hard, Hard testlets that you all experience. 

So, did you pass?  The answer is a definite MAYBE!?  So, no matter how you actually feel when leaving the exam there is always a chance that you passed.  Remain positive, cross your fingers and hope for the best.  Remember you have a few things going for you.  You studied, are ready for the exam and those pre-test questions don’t count!  Good luck!

- Yaeger CPA Review

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