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This Summer, Pass All 4 Parts of the CPA Exam!

This Summer, Pass All 4 Parts of the CPA Exam!

Enjoy the summer sun, but don't lose sight of your CPA goals. Get ready to  pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam in three months with Roger's Accelerated Review. If you are determined to become a CPA before summer's end, then start gearing up now to accomplish one of the biggest achievements in your career - becoming a CPA!
Please review these important reminders below:
  • Start studying during a black out month.
  • You would be expected to dedicate study time to the CPA Exam almost 7 days a week. This will require both Saturday and Sunday.
  • This plan allows for you to sit for FAR in only 4 weeks!
  • The other three sections would all be done within the following 8 weeks  

See what other students are saying: 

"Most people I knew had used Becker, but I decided to try your course. I am so glad I did. I sat for REG three weeks to the day after graduation. I got an 81! in the following testing window, I took the remaining three tests, each with about a month of study time. I passed them all the first try, with a 92 on AUD and BEC and 94 on FAR! The lectures were enjoyable and simple, and the homework helped reinforce the material in the lectures. Thank you again for both your course and the scholarship for the course. I tell all my friends how great your course is!" – Clinton Allen, Utah State, Oct. 2011

"I used study materials from another company (let's just say I didn't excel as much as they said I would) and passed only one section after studying for over a year and failing multiple times. After switching to your materials, I passed the other 3 sections after 3 months of studying! Thank you, Roger--your ability to keep exam takers engaged and excited is beyond amazing. I owe you more than you'll ever know!"  – Sean G., Mize, Houser & Company, Nov. 2012

"Roger, your class gave me the tools to pass all four parts of the CPA exam in only four months with scores ranging from the high 80s to the high 90s! Your materials are clear and concise, your lectures are high-energy, and you are just so full of enthusiasm that I was constantly entertained. Thank you so much for making the hard stuff seem easy." – Fontaine Lam, City College of San Francisco, Oct. 2011

"After trying Becker and failing the Audit and Regulation sections, I bought your online course. It's a challenge to work full time and study for the CPA exam, but you made it easy, fun, and interesting. I took the AUD (86) and REG (78) sections a day apart and couldn't believe the results. You're doing a great job. Thanks again." – Darshan, Jul. 2011

"I just wanted to send a general 'thank you' for posting the recommended study planners! This is exactly what I had been wishing for. I am just getting my studying underway, but I feel much more confident going forward with this plan. Thank You Roger!" – From Message Board Student, Jun. 2011

Caution: Roger's Accelerated Review is specially designed for CPA Candidates that are prepared to dedicate their lives to the CPA Exam for the next three months. Do you have what it takes?


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