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FAR Passed, AUD Taken and REG in Progress: Intense Schedule for International Students

This is Christine's CPA Exam Journey...

I have taken AUD this February, and now preparing for REG which I am going to schedule in May, and BEC probably in July before my software expires. Studying CPA is fun, but balancing the life between CPA and my graduate courses is a challenge. What's more, I have to return my country once my student visa expires-which is anther reason driving me to take use of the time at this moment.

I am glad that I have passed FAR right after I got my 124 credits, but I failed AUD at first try. Simple memorization doesnt seem to work for me. Comparatively, I prefer calculation to memorization. As AUD requires more memorization about concepts that you won't understand if you haven't had audit experience, I would recommend to make notes in your own way. Highlighting and underlining no longer works for me. When the questions come to you, the words from your notebook will pop up in your mind, not the highlighted words from books. 

For FAR, I like it because it doesn't require too much memorization. As long as you know the method, do the sample problem, and pay attention to details(which can be easily neglected), you are on the right track. The hardest part could be cash flow statement analysis on the exam, but I still passed due to the MCQ performance.

REG would be a combination of memorization and calculation. I like tax, and I would spare no effort to get the rest of the sections done in time. I decide to ban all the dramas every week, and spare the time to do MCQs on Becker. A good quote from Rachel Berry in Glee, do it as you are never gonna do it again.

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