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Free Study Planner to Help You Pass the CPA Exam

Fast Forward Academy has just launched a free Study Planner! Interactive features have been built into the planner. The calendar can be set up to send email and text message reminders regarding pre-assigned study tasks. Additionally, students are able to communicate via email and text messaging to reschedule tasks as needed. You also have the ability to create multiple calendars, if needed.

Example calendar email or text message commands:
Please move my tasks to Friday
Move to next week

Any student who registers on the website or already has an account will have 100% FREE access to this new study planner tool. Students will be able to map out study plans based on a start date and an end date. Students can also customize the calendar to exclude specific days off from study.

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I used Fast Forward Academy's CPA course and passed FAR on my first try... I'll definitely be using their study materials for the next three sections, too! The interactive study planner works great and kept me on track.

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