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CPAnet Forum: Oct/Nov 2010 Score Release Information

AICPA Memorandum: Score Release Changes for 2011 - groundwork toward faster score reporting and simplified Candidate Performance Reports

"It is my pleasure to announce that the upcoming improvements to the Uniform CPA Examination, known as CBT-e, will usher in new opportunities to improve the CPA candidate experience. CPA candidates will be pleased to learn that the January 2011 implementation of CBT-e will lay the groundwork for faster score reporting and include a simplified Candidate Performance Report. A synopsis of these improvements is provided below.

CBT-e will enable CPA candidates to receive their scores faster and more frequently. However, there are some timeline adjustments of which boards of accountancy and CPA candidates must be aware. As you may know, currently, scores are released in two waves per scoring window. During the initial launch of CBT-e we will require a period of heightened quality control. Therefore, during the first three quarters of 2011, all candidate scores will be released following the close of the testing window.

Once this quality control cycle is complete, CPA candidates can look forward to an accelerated scoring timeline..."
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Source: AICPA

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