Flash Mob Accounting Students! ;-)
CPA Exam Wave 1: 5577 AUD scores were released by AICPA to NASBA

Score Release Tweets from 05/20/10

newest tweets first...

@cpaexamtweets: BEC Wave 1 - @NASBA States Reporting! http://bit.ly/ag95oI

@cpaexamtweets: BIG CONGRATS http://bit.ly/9sGJq3 to all of you who just found out they passed BEC!!!!!

@cpaexamtweets: To those of you who didn't quite make it, keep at it, YOU WILL PASS! http://bit.ly/5obkgd / http://bit.ly/8nS7H7

@cpaexamtweets: Texas is not a @NASBA State: http://bit.ly/aX9lGlRT @vwchic05: @NASBA: Do you release scores for the state of TX?

@cpaexamtweets: RT @Adrigonzo: Here come the scores at last! RT @cpaexamclub BEC Wave 1 - Early Bird States Reporting!! http://bit.ly/bESNMB

@cpaexamtweets: NASBA States List and Direct Links to Score Pages: http://www.cpaexamclub.com/notes/NASBA_States

@cpaexamtweets: BEC Wave 1 - Early Bird States Reporting: http://bit.ly/bESNMB

@cpaexamtweets: Score Release Order: RT @NASBA: Typically: BEC, REG, FAR, AUD -hwevr, it depends on release we receive from #AICPA


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