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CPA Exam Pass Rates for 4th Quarter 2009 and Final 2009 Cumulative Figures

The CPA Exam passing rates are out for the 4th Quarter and final cumulative figures for 2009. Below are the passing rates along with a high/low recap by section, single quarter and cumulative...

AUD : Audit and Attestation
Q1 - 47.61% (l)
Q2 - 51.79% (h)
Q3 - 51.52%
Q4 - 47.99%

BEC : Business Environment and Concepts
Q1 - 46.23%
Q2 - 48.56%
Q3 - 52.27% (h)
Q4 - 45.65% (l)

FAR : Financial Accounting and Reporting
Q1 - 45.54% (l)(L)
Q2 - 50.58%
Q3 - 51.18% (h)
Q4 - 46.15%

REG : Regulation
Q1 - 47.96%
Q2 - 52.25%
Q3 - 52.41% (h)(H)
Q4 - 46.57% (l)

2009 Cumulative
AUD - 49.79%
BEC - 48.34% (LC)
FAR - 48.45%
REG - 49.81% (HC)

Source: http://www.cpa-exam.org/download/PassRates09Q1.pdf

(h) highest pass rate for section
(l) lowest pass rate for section
(H) highest overall pass rate for single quarter - all sections
(L) lowest overall pass rate for single quater - all sections
(HC) highest pass rate section - 2009 cumulative
(LC) lowest pass rate section - 2009 cumulative


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