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CPA Exam - Scoring Resources - April / May 2009 Testing Window

Here’s some information to help you navigate the CPA Exam scoring process...additional updates/posts will be made as information becomes available. If you have information to provide please leave a comment.

CPAnet Discussion Forum - Apr/May 2009 Window
FAR Results | BEC Results | AUD Results | REG Results

May 22, 2009
Per another71, REG released by AICPA today after NASBA offices were closed. NASBA people could see them by Tuesday night, but Wednesday evening is a more realistic scenario due to the holiday.
discussed here

May 20, 2009
Illinois Board of Examiners Score Release from the April-May 2009 Testing Window
"The Illinois Board of Examiners has received its second group of electronic scores from the April-May testing window. They are noted below. Watch this space for regular updates. This score release cycle covers testing events from April 1 through May 8, 2009. If you tested after May 8, you will NOT receive your scores until mid to late June. And remember: Not all scores for all candidates with exams in the early date range will receive scores in May. Some candidates will have to wait until June..."
read entire notice

May 11, 2009
NASBA Updates CPA Exam Score Release Process
"...CPA Exam candidates will now get their scores through NASBA five to six hours earlier than in previous windows...Instead of running at midnight CST, they are now starting the process at 7pm. Instead of scores coming out at 4:30am CST, they will now come out between 9pm and midnight CST the night before (plan on it being closer to midnight than 9, though)..."
read entire post

In the past...
- California, Illinois and Virginia release scores on their web sites and the NASBA releases their scores a couple days later
- BEC releases first, FAR releases last

Additional Resources
- How the CPA Exam is Scored


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