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CPA Exam Q&A - Clothing Restrictions

Question: Are there any clothing restrictions while taking the CPA Exam?

Answer: There are exam day restrictions, so it's important to read all the fine print (especially page 19 link below outlining prohibited items).  Also, your clothes are to remain on the entire time, I know it sounds funny.  You are not allowed to take a sweater/sweatshirt/hoodie off and/or put it on the back of your chair.  You will have to get up, go out and put it in your locker and come back...

More Information:
Candidate Bulletin, page 19 (link below) - "In addition, jackets and sweaters are also prohibited; however, if you require a separate sweater or a jacket due to room temperature, it must be worn at all times."

You should be familiar with and read the entire Candidate Bulletin:
http://www.nasba.org/nasbaweb/NASBAWeb.nsf/FNAL/CandidateBul letin?opendocument
page 16 - At the Test Center
page 17 - Test Center Regulations
page 19 - Prohibited Items

more info here:
http://www.cpazone.com/2010/01/what-to-expect-at-the-prometr ic-testing-center.html

Here's a discussion at the forum about this topic...

via www.cpanet.com

Visit the CPAnet Forum - CPA Exam Q&A section for more questions...and answers.


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